Community Panel

11 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

The four Community Panel workshop sessions were completed in May 2019. We would especially like to take this opportunity to thank each Community Panel member for their time and the important contribution that each made (as a representative sample of the municipality) to deepening Council’s understanding of community views, values and aspirations for our city.

The outcomes of the Community Panel process can be found here. A set of 25 key principles were developed that will be used to guide the development of a draft Housing Strategy. The top five key principles are:-

1. Where possible, new housing needs to provide access to green open space;

2. The distinctive character of each Stonnington neighbourhood is to be acknowledged, protected and enhanced through planning controls;

3. New housing developments to be preferred near or adjacent to strategic, integrated public transport system with the capacity to absorb existing and future growth;

4. New developments shall use materials and design to better reflect the character and heritage of local streetscapes and neighbourhoods;

5. New housing to use building materials and design that ensures long term liveability and that contributes to low environmental impacts.

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