What is the Connect Stonnington Group?

    The Connect Stonnington Group (formerly Stonnington Survey Group - SSG) is Stonnington’s biggest think-tank. Originally set up in 2005 as a way to keep Council informed about public opinion. The panel is made up of over 400 people from across Stonnington who regularly share their views and ideas on a wide range of issues.

    Who is on the Connect Stonnington Group?

    The Connect Stonnington Group includes people from all backgrounds and all areas of Stonnington. Residents are randomly selected and invited to join the group, or self nomiated. To ensure that the group represents the population of the city, people are selected on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, disability and where they live. The complete panel is designed to be representative of the city as a whole. In order to keep the panel fresh, we invite more residents to join the panel every year.

    What do the Connect Stonnington Group members do?

    The Connect Stonnington members complete up to four questionnaires a year - they can choose to complete either paper questionnaires sent to their postal address or complete the surveys online. Each questionnaire typically contains a number of different sections covering different issues. Members can complete the whole survey or just the sections that interest them.

    What happens with the results?

    Results of surveys are shared with the relevant work areas for consideration. Connect Stonnington members are kept informed of the results on the Connect Stonnington Page and results often appear in the local media or are used in other Council publications and press releases.