What are the proposed changes?

    Earlier this year we introduced an Order under Section 26 of the Domestic Animals Act restricting the number of dogs that any one person can walk to four dogs at a time in Stonnington public spaces. This change applies to all Stonnington parks, reserves and other public spaces.

    Why is Council proposing to introduce this order?

    Council has a responsibility to maintain the safety and amenity of our public spaces for all residents and their pets. Introducing the amendment aimed to balance the needs of all people using our parks, reserves and public spaces.

    Why is Council undertaking consultion now?

    These changes have generated community interest so we’re conducting additional consultation to gain a clear picture of our community’s views.

    What do other council’s do?

    This change brings Stonnington in line with similar laws already in place in a number of Victorian municipalities, as well as the whole of New South Wales. There are also other Councils that are close to enacting legislation to regulate the number of dogs an individual can walk at any given time.

    Will commercial dog walkers still be able to operate in Stonnington?

    Yes. Commercial dog walkers will still be able to operate in the City of Stonnington but may need to amend their practices to ensure that they comply by walking no more than four dogs at any one time.

    Will individuals walking more than four dogs be fined during consultation?

    While consultation is underway, Animal Management Officers will not be pursuing formal compliance action.