over 1 year ago

Council has a strong commitment to improving the public realm and amenity within its many different shopping precincts. These improvements allow each shopping precinct’s individuality and local character to be expressed and enhanced within the public environment.

In 2014, Council rebuilt the pavement at the corner of Beatty Avenue and Rose Street as part of its Shopping Precinct Improvement Program and provided more seating and greenery for residents, business owners and visitors to the area. These works have improved the safety and vibrancy of this busy intersection.

Council is now proposing to extend these works to further enhance the local character of this shopping precinct and has developed concept plans which seek to draw on the heritage character of Beatty Avenue by creating a consistent palette of materials along the street, with brick paving, bluestone kerb, and new Crepe Myrtle trees and custom tree grates.

In addition to these landscape improvements, Council is proposing to upgrade the storm water drain which is currently under capacity along the property side of Beatty Avenue.

In order to upgrade the drainage and improve the streetscape of Beatty Avenue, 8 existing trees which are in poor to average condition will need to be removed, however the plans propose for these to be replaced by 16 new Crepe Myrtles.

Specifically, the designs proposes:

  • Additional brick pavement to enhance the character of Beatty Avenue;
  • New bluestone kerb and concrete channel;
  • Stormwater drainage Improvements;
  • Creating an avenue of advanced trees of a consistent species with custom tree grates and passive irrigation; and
  • New Bluestone outstands for trees on the railway side of Beatty Avenue.